Con Cor Design sponsored the WeMake Celebrates party as part of the wrap up of Design Week Portland 2013. CCD facilitated the projectors, gobos, and space planning and spent well over two weeks surveying and modeling the event space.  We worked closely with the WeMake team to visualize the final event. The celebration took place at Sandbox Studio in NE Portland.

SandBox Space

Entrance Render BirdHouseHouse


Image courtesy of @Kirspati  on Instagram.


CCD has also been intermittently helping the team at MC Laser Labs with various projects, like laying out lines for their awesome bird house for the WeMake party:



It was great to have spent our donation budget with such brilliant collaborators and contribute to such a spectacular and successful event.

WeMake founder Yvonne Emerson said, “we are thrilled to report the organization raised $11,0000 to support arts and music education.”

Cover photo by Ethan Allen Smith