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Be a better designer and creator.

Design Keys

This is the best way to get into the thick of design with informative and concise videos. Each module focuses on a different aspect of design. Everything from how design relates to business, philosophical underpinnings, and the basic variables that should be considering when designing and creating.

Module 1

Module 1 includes:

  • Defining Design
  • Identifying Types of Problems
  • Tangible and Intangible Solutions
  • Keywords
  • Inspiration Images
  • Books
  • Drawing
  • Drawing as Dialog
  • Color and Surface
  • Material Selection

Plus links to books and studies I cover as well as two handy printable infographics for your reference!


Module 2 Coming Soon

Module 2 will be coming early February, 2021!

This series will include topics for design for business. Things like listening to a client ask, delegation of design, scope creep, and more!

Module 3 Coming Soon

Module 3 will be coming early March, 2021!

This series will include topics about philosophy of design. This will include nimbleness in design, speaking in analogy, pulling inspiration from the client, and many more!

Legacy Products

Would you like to take your idea from rough concept to finished design but aren’t sure where to start? Perhaps you have a 3D model and you want to have it rendered or prototyped. Maybe you’re looking for a deeper exploration into a particular application of concepts in 3D. These videos provide extended PolyPlane tutorials with complete, repeatable principles and techniques. We stand by them 100%.

The Render Studio

These 3D assets have been built to help you amplify your renderings. They include tables, pedestals, plinths, and backdrops to really help create more realism in your rendering scenes.

Coming Soon

Render Studio 2 | Coming Soon!

Coming Soon

Render Studio 3 | Coming Slightly Later!

Coming Soon

Render Studio 4 | Coming Eventually!