The Sig Sauer international program is a recurring project as new shows and new marketing are always in the works.

Con Cor Design was brought in to discuss an interesting project involving the brand Sig Sauer.

CCD was tasked to re-imagine and redesign the Sig Sauer brand so that its international presence would be aligned with its domestic visual language but also to heighten the perceived value at the exhibit level. This meant really digging into the Sig Sauer brand and gaining a fluency about the company.

We started by looking at the history of Sig and how they evolved from Swiss wagon factory to the pinnacle of personal and privatized defense products. To prime the pump of the creative process we selected keywords, built mood-boards with a associated inspiration imagery.

We were then able to created a form language that expressed the feel of the brand and could be extended into all modular elements of an industry show structure.   The resulting design included multiple modular kiosks with an angular yet curved architecture set and a futuristic material palette that complimented its products and demonstrations.

Then, after several rounds of iterations and development, we successfully created a real scalable solution that would fit at all of the different sized shows around the world.

Keywords and Inspiration

CCD has been a contended partner to make the best possible use of budget, space and form.SS-Shows