Smart Watch

Smart Watch | Product Design

Before the Apple Watch, many companies were already well into the deep waters of wearable research. A leading technology company had engaged with us and one of our research partners to develop what would become a deeper dive into the  future of wearables.

The goal was to make partner with fashion brands like Kate Spade, Burberry, Louis Vuitton, etc. to turn wearables into acceptable fashion versus a passing trend among techno-socialites.

This started with investigating the form factor with a “sky’s the limit” set of blinders. We looked to fashion, military, fine art, the bleeding edge of technology, pop culture, and beyond for form cues. This led to a wall of drawings and a ton of possibilities.

Next up, by looking back at the target brands, we could determine the top 3 form factors to go with. These included a silicone encapsulated sport band, a more organic yet sporty face, as well as a faceted design. This led to additional investigations against the function of the required integrated technology as well as the patterns and color cues.

Finally, we created the final reference design in tandem with the Chinese vendor that would take care of the fabrication of the parts to create the final form.

Anthem Memory Care

Anthem Memory Care | Beacon of Hope

“Alzheimer’s is the most common form of dementia, a general term for memory loss and other cognitive abilities serious enough to interfere with daily life. Alzheimer’s disease accounts for 60 to 80 percent of dementia cases.

Alzheimer’s is not a normal part of aging. The greatest known risk factor is increasing age, and the majority of people with Alzheimer’s are 65 and older. But Alzheimer’s is not just a disease of old age. Approximately 200,000 Americans under the age of 65 have younger-onset Alzheimer’s disease (also known as early-onset Alzheimer’s).”Alzheimer’s Association

Anthem Memory Care is a facility that specializes in providing the highest quality care, comfort and support to individuals living with cognitive impairment and their families.

CCD was approached by Rob Off to design the lamps that would live outside the care facilities. These lamps would become a visual metaphor for the “light in the dark” and represent a beacon which Anthem holds for it’s clients as well as a physical manifestation of the brand itself.

The initial drawings made use of metaphors such as a shepherd’s crook and lighthouse proportions. We really focused on just the head of the lamp as it would inform the general aesthetic of the rest of the lamp. So we started there and worked our way down.

After a design was selected, we attached a base to the design that would offer continuity of the brand to the message as well as create something that would be visually compelling.

The 3D model represented the final design direction to inform the fabrication that Rob and his team would use for fabrication and installation.

The bottom of the lamp included a cast ring that had their brand keywords debossed into the surface: “Love | Protect | Engage”.

These lamps represent not only the Anthem Memory Care brand, but they represent hope and guidance for the individuals and families that see them; providing a little more light in the dark.





Huntco | Tilikum Bike Rack

Huntco | Tilikum Bike Rack

Huntco Site Furnishings is an outdoor accessory brand in Portland, Oregon. For the last few decades, they’ve silently provided an amazing assortment of bike racks, benches, bollards, tables, and chairs to the architecture community to add a wonderful level of finesse to the finishing touches of the buildings around the world.

Huntco’s president, Casey Rice, reached out to CCD after we contributed to the strategic rebranding  efforts to consult and ultimately design the next bike rack for their collection.

Oregon is just loaded with beauty and with that, CCD decided to look locally for inspiration. We drew inspiration from the recently erected Tilikum Crossing pedestrian bridge, the beautiful Portland skyline, Mt. Hood’s summit and other amazing landmarks as well as metaphors such as forward movement and track runners. Let’s create something exciting!

But like all good design, aesthetic investigation is just part of the puzzle. We looked at what problems occur with bike racks themselves. What simple form languages could be used to not only simplify the locking process, but also inhibit people from stealing bikes?

By creating an elliptical pipe, we could deter those that come with handheld pipe-cutting tools and increase the potential tangent surface area for where the bike is locked. Also, by reducing the forward leg height, we simplify the ergonomics of locking the front or back wheel and the frame to the rack.

Once we had the general form factor established, we experimented with tapering the tube from 4″ down to 2″, using flanges at the bottom that were blended into the form factor, as well as creating super skinny versions.


The rack was conceived, designed and produced in about 6 months. This is a much better accoutrement to a new apartment building than some of those other, more pedestrian bike rack solutions.

Check it out here, along with a wide range of other awesome bike security solutions!



Proxy | Introductions to Social Media

You may ask, “What is a Proxy?” Watch this animated short by founder Dave Dyer to find out:

Brand actualizers Manifesto approached CCD to facilitate the physical manifestation of a new social networking product for kids called Proxy.  CCD came through on finessing the design for mechanical needs and the eventual prototyping of the game’s figures.



Rather than an internet network, Proxy relies on the wireless technology NFC (Near Field Communication), the same tech that allows two cell phones to exchange data within a short range of each other.  Instead of kids getting on the wide open web, they can interact with a closed network of their friends.  On the software accompanying aids a character-modeled USB drive, players collect points for social responsible actions and can “give back” to the community via school supplies, shoes, and village wells.

For Proxy devices, this meant that the shells had to take into account certain parameters. CCD designed within these constraints and the form of initial model designed by character designer Steve Talkowski.


Yawning Fish

Yawning Fish | Kitsch to Luxury

Can good design change an object of kitsch into a premiere luxury item?  In partnership with our client Yawning Fish, that’s what we, at CCD, achieved with the protection bell.

What’s a guardian bell?  In the Easy Rider days, riders hung the tiny trinkets on various parts of the bike to scare away gremlins from causing mischief to the rider in the form of engine malfunction, flat tires, and slick spills.

Even today in the era of suburban-dad Harley collectors, guardian bells are still common and one of many small ways owners personalize their bikes, though the magic thinking has somewhat devolved into jokey guy-kitsch.  With today’s style obsessed and more affluent motorcycle set, Portland metal craft firm Yawning Fish decided it was time to revisit the bell and redefine it as a premiere accessory.

Yawning Fish’s product line of sterling silver boutique bells launched in late 2014 as an online store. Con Cor Design helped Yawning Fish recast the object as a crowning building detail that is bespoke and alluring.  CCD designed, prototyped, refined the product line and set up an efficient custom manufacturing process.

The result is far removed from its origins. The form is modern. A custom message embossment wraps around the waist.   The product is presented in a fabric bag inside a crafted wooden gift box.  And the website touts life-affirming maxims of the road — with no mention of evil gremlins.

Many factors — price, finish, package, story — can increase the perceived value of a luxury item.

The Bells
“The aim is not only to create a quality object but also to build a psychological intimacy with the user.”

Compelling brands need compelling stories

What if you could rewrite the legend of the bell? That’s exactly what we did. By partnering with Black Monk Consulting, we created a new legend of the bell that was not only removing the variable of “bell” as equaling a totem of fear and replacing it with “bell” as a symbol of joy and empowerment but CCD used this as a departure point from all of the basic bells out there that are embossed with company logos and kitsch. Similarly, CCD used this background as a departure point from all of the basic bells out there that are embossed with company logos and other masculine kitsch. The Yawning Fish product line aims to appeal a “high-brow” biker set that responses to elevated design and positive lifestyle messages. We created the “high-brow” biker site.

When you receive your bell. It comes in a pine box cinched in a microfiber polishing pouch then is encompassed in a paper insert that reads the new story.

Yawning Fish Packaging

We’ll continue working with this brand to flesh out several other categories of products and continue to raise the bar of what is available to the motorcycle enthusiast.