Nike | Pegasus Turbo

Nike | Pegasus Turbo

Nike | Pegasus Turbo

In 2017, Eliud Kipchoge ran the fastest marathon ever. 2:00:25. That’s two hours, twenty five seconds to run 26.2188 miles (42.195km)

Nike contacted CCD to take this vision to the next level for the Nike Soho store. When we met with the Nike team, the product team had mocked up this visual assemblage of a flight-wing thruster as material and emotional reference. The concept  of the sculpture was to “showcase the concept of speed and innovation through the metaphor of “augmentation“.


The other awesome part about this was that the team was developing the store based on this idea of technology + Neo-Tokyo design language with a huge influence from acclaimed Japanese artist Hajime Sorayama. We just so happened to be heading to Tokyo a week from when we got the call that we won the job. It also just so happened that Mr. Sorayama was having an exhibition at Nanzuka Underground a mere 20 minute train ride from the hotel! Naturally, we went and got a ton of awesome photos of the show.


Flash forward through the amazing amount of great collaboration from the team, we developed one of the most beautiful impact moments in CCD’s history.


AMD | Nitero

AMD & Nitero | Marketing an Acquisition

In 2017, AMD acquired Nitero, a fabless semiconductor company developing high performance, low power 60GHz CMOS solutions. The announcement was made at the VR World Congress 2017 by the AMD team.

“Fast. Faster. The fastest. These are the key tenets AMD’s Corporate Vice President and Head of Alliances at Radeon Technologies Group, Roy Taylor wanted to underscore about AMD’s new wireless VR acquisition, Nitero. “We’re going to be the fastest, no one is going to be able to touch us.”

As part of our efforts to become more connected with the VR community, we made a great connection with Nitero and offered to help drive the marketing efforts surrounding the acquisition announcement through a reference design of the technology.

As part of our RCDP process, we created a series of AMD branded visions of what the card could look like.

After exploring the various options with our team, we decided that the best and most strategically aligned concept would be both modest and allow the AMD branding to do the talking:

The board was approved pending some additional feedback from the executives, and was used to create the 3D model and renderings that would be shown at the event to help bolster the announcement.

The AMD and Nitero teams we’re ecstatic. Immediately after delivery, we received great compliments such as, “Wow!!! Just WOW!…Everyone is super pleased here from AMD“.

The event is an exciting milestone for both the team at Nitero and AMD as they start paving the way for mobile and wireless VR implementation in the future.

Luxion KeyShot Consumer Insight

Luxion KeyShot | Consumer Insight Study

Long-time partners Obleo Design Media and Luxion (developer of the amazing KeyShot rendering software) reached out to Con Cor Design for assistance. The objective was to conduct a deep dive research session into the customer base of Luxion to mine information about customer satisfaction, requests, usage, and work history.  Obleo would follow-up by choosing the best user candidates as subjects for Luxion case studies and industry articles.

CCD designers who were already fluent in the rendering application were tasked with interviewing KeyShot users at 20 established industrial design agencies.  Interviewees included Peter Riering-Czekalla of IDEO, Klaus Rosburg of Sonic, Inc., Daniel Richardson of Greaves Best Design among other top professionals.

The conversations delved into the workaday issues with rendering software, how the technology helps the designers engage with clients, and recent project examples where KeyShot performed.

The recorded phone interviews where submitted to Obleo for transcription and analysis. CCD staff reviewed and corrected the hard copies.  From this wide net of customer interviews, Luxion gained some direct product feedback and its press agency Obleo Design Media was able to develop eight articles for the trade press highlighting KeyShot’s impact on the profession.  A few story examples can be found here.

While we can’t share all of the key Keyshot insights that we gathered over the 3-month project, we can say that we enjoyed some compelling conversations that led to great marketing material as well as product improvement feedback for several versions down the line.

Huntco Rebranding

Rebranding Huntco

In another enjoyable partnership, CCD teamed with independent brand builder Heather Cummings in a radical makeover the image of Huntco, a longtime Portland manufacturer and distributor of outdoor accessories.

Over the span of 30 years, Huntco had accrued hundreds of original designs for bike racks, benches and other outdoor furnishings.  CCD helped Cummings leverage 270 existing CAD models to compile an online catalog of photorealistic renderings.  It is one of many cases where rendered images is proving a superior marketing tool than traditional product photography.racks

Phase 2: Creating a structure

Next up, we identified an opportunity to develop a set of educational tools for Huntco. This would leverage social media and internal research to further influence next steps for the company. This started by CCD conducting an internal interview Huntco’s employees to get a better sense of levels of satisfaction, where the account management team was feeling a little stress, and seeing where opportunities existed for more marketing pushes.

Afterwards, we created a social media best practices guide specifically tailored for the Huntco brand, a campaign that would run for the duration leading up and slightly after the new site had launched as well as a set of speculative designs for bike racks into the future.

The project effectively elevated the image of a blue-collar operation to that of a design-savvy Portland trendsetter.  We’re eager to see what comes next for Huntco!