Huntco | Tilikum Bike Rack

Huntco | Tilikum Bike Rack

Huntco Site Furnishings is an outdoor accessory brand in Portland, Oregon. For the last few decades, they’ve silently provided an amazing assortment of bike racks, benches, bollards, tables, and chairs to the architecture community to add a wonderful level of finesse to the finishing touches of the buildings around the world.

Huntco’s president, Casey Rice, reached out to CCD after we contributed to the strategic rebranding  efforts to consult and ultimately design the next bike rack for their collection.

Oregon is just loaded with beauty and with that, CCD decided to look locally for inspiration. We drew inspiration from the recently erected Tilikum Crossing pedestrian bridge, the beautiful Portland skyline, Mt. Hood’s summit and other amazing landmarks as well as metaphors such as forward movement and track runners. Let’s create something exciting!

But like all good design, aesthetic investigation is just part of the puzzle. We looked at what problems occur with bike racks themselves. What simple form languages could be used to not only simplify the locking process, but also inhibit people from stealing bikes?

By creating an elliptical pipe, we could deter those that come with handheld pipe-cutting tools and increase the potential tangent surface area for where the bike is locked. Also, by reducing the forward leg height, we simplify the ergonomics of locking the front or back wheel and the frame to the rack.

Once we had the general form factor established, we experimented with tapering the tube from 4″ down to 2″, using flanges at the bottom that were blended into the form factor, as well as creating super skinny versions.


The rack was conceived, designed and produced in about 6 months. This is a much better accoutrement to a new apartment building than some of those other, more pedestrian bike rack solutions.

Check it out here, along with a wide range of other awesome bike security solutions!