Huntco Rebranding

Rebranding Huntco

In another enjoyable partnership, CCD teamed with independent brand builder Heather Cummings in a radical makeover the image of Huntco, a longtime Portland manufacturer and distributor of outdoor accessories.

Over the span of 30 years, Huntco had accrued hundreds of original designs for bike racks, benches and other outdoor furnishings.  CCD helped Cummings leverage 270 existing CAD models to compile an online catalog of photorealistic renderings.  It is one of many cases where rendered images is proving a superior marketing tool than traditional product photography.racks

Phase 2: Creating a structure

Next up, we identified an opportunity to develop a set of educational tools for Huntco. This would leverage social media and internal research to further influence next steps for the company. This started by CCD conducting an internal interview Huntco’s employees to get a better sense of levels of satisfaction, where the account management team was feeling a little stress, and seeing where opportunities existed for more marketing pushes.

Afterwards, we created a social media best practices guide specifically tailored for the Huntco brand, a campaign that would run for the duration leading up and slightly after the new site had launched as well as a set of speculative designs for bike racks into the future.

The project effectively elevated the image of a blue-collar operation to that of a design-savvy Portland trendsetter.  We’re eager to see what comes next for Huntco!