AMD | Nitero

AMD & Nitero | Marketing an Acquisition

In 2017, AMD acquired Nitero, a fabless semiconductor company developing high performance, low power 60GHz CMOS solutions. The announcement was made at the VR World Congress 2017 by the AMD team.

“Fast. Faster. The fastest. These are the key tenets AMD’s Corporate Vice President and Head of Alliances at Radeon Technologies Group, Roy Taylor wanted to underscore about AMD’s new wireless VR acquisition, Nitero. “We’re going to be the fastest, no one is going to be able to touch us.”

As part of our efforts to become more connected with the VR community, we made a great connection with Nitero and offered to help drive the marketing efforts surrounding the acquisition announcement through a reference design of the technology.

As part of our RCDP process, we created a series of AMD branded visions of what the card could look like.

After exploring the various options with our team, we decided that the best and most strategically aligned concept would be both modest and allow the AMD branding to do the talking:

The board was approved pending some additional feedback from the executives, and was used to create the 3D model and renderings that would be shown at the event to help bolster the announcement.

The AMD and Nitero teams we’re ecstatic. Immediately after delivery, we received great compliments such as, “Wow!!! Just WOW!…Everyone is super pleased here from AMD“.

The event is an exciting milestone for both the team at Nitero and AMD as they start paving the way for mobile and wireless VR implementation in the future.