Stillmotion | Muse Office Redesign

Stillmotion and Muse | The Second Pillar

There are four pillars of story: People, Place, Plot, and Purpose. Stillmotion and the educational company Muse call these the 4 P’s of storytelling.

CCD was tasked to take a closer look at that second “P” when we were approached by Stillmotion cofounder, Amina Moreau.

The process started with a deep dive into the teams’ keywords, culture and big wishes for the space. From there, we got to work compiling inspirational imagery, visual nomenclature and ideating on both the visual language

Once the visual inspiration was set, and the drawings were composed, we could do a proper site audit and create a 3D model in which we would render up the concepts for the approval of the team.

After everything was said and done, the space came together better than we could have imagined and lead to some awesome backgrounds for video shoots that Stillmotion and Muse would ultimately do to market their services and products.

The chandelier holds and accepts press passes from all of the events that the Stillmotion team has taken part in.

Head on over to Stillmotion’s site for some great insight into storytelling, film, and workshops! Check out Muse to learn more about their Storybuilder app and their educational content!