Sig Sauer

International ReVision


Learning the Ropes

In late 2012, we were approached by our exhibit partner to envision what the next generation of Sig Sauer would look like at the international level. Our starting point was a small booth at a German show called GPEC.

Establishing an Aesthetic

Once we had an idea of the general functional challenges of the current design, it was time to start framing the intended tone of the space. We went through our usual keywording exercise to extract the intent from the marketing team and created a collection of mood boards to isolate the appropriate direction.

Visualizing the Future

Finally, after months of investigation, we started to settle upon a direction that would lend itself to words like “strength”, “velocity”, and “technical”. We created a series of modular form factors that could be crossbred together to become a highly adaptable design language that could be used in a multitude of configurations and would go on to inform the show style for years to come.



CCD Roles:

Creative Direction

Industrial Design

Material and Finish Direction