Nike | Zoom Pegasus Turbo

In 2017, Eliud Kipchoge ran the fastest marathon ever to date.


That’s two hours, twenty five seconds to run 26.2188 miles (42.195km).


Nike commisioned CCD to take this truth to the next level for the Nike Soho store in New York. When we met with the Nike team, the product team had mocked up this visual assemblage of a flight-wing thruster as material and emotional reference. The concept¬† of the sculpture was to “showcase the concept of speed and innovation through the metaphor of “augmentation“.

The Nike retail team developed the Soho store based on the shoe’s technology paired with a Neo-Tokyo design language. This was supplemented with huge influence from acclaimed artist Hajime Sorayama. This sent us to Tokyo to document Mr. Sorayama as he was having an exhibition at Nanzuka Underground.¬†We captured photos of his work which would further influence the final design of the sculpture.

CCD Roles:

Styling Research

Concept Design


Production Development

Manufacturing Liaison