Banging on your Craft

Professional baller Becca Moros is a fascinating case study as someone who knows the mechanics of their craft at an extremely granular level. She has studied and played soccer all over the world. Her ability to analyze the technical components of both her game and her training are impeccable. So it’s no surprise that she would eventually invent a training device that would change how people approach intentional training in their game.

MVP, Production, and Beyond

Becca reached out to us to help develop her product. At first, we were tasked to create a minimally viable product for the Footyboard as a proof of concept. Eventually, the project turned into a fully functioning production sample with branding guidance and patent drawings to boot.

The initial design was intended to strap to a fence and use specific angles to prevent a rebounding ball from developing bounce on its return. The straps exploit the tension of the device against the fence to promise a consistent rebound back to the user. This evolved into a beautiful dual-position rebounding training device that can return a perfect pass every time from either the ground or air. This doubled the intended product use. The design aesthetics borrowed from the forward movement of a running baller, koi fish as a nod to Becca’s history, and branding cues that were being co-developed by Olivia Ono.

“Thank you for all your big time work!” – Becca


CCD Roles:

Creative Direction


Industrial Design

Material and Finish Direction