Followers of the CCD blog might note how our team often steps outside our normal wheelhouse of services for enticing opportunities to do something different.  This time, our designers tried our hand at some business journalism.

Long-time partners Obleo Design Media (an amazing design and engineering public relations firm) and Luxion (developer of the amazing KeyShot rendering software) reached out to Con Cor Design for assistance. The objective was to conduct a deep dive research session into the customer base of Luxion to mine information about customer satisfaction, requests, usage, and work history.  Obleo would follow-up by choosing the best user candidates as subjects for Luxion case studies and industry articles.

CCD designers who were already fluent in the rendering application were tasked with interviewing KeyShot users at 20 established industrial design agencies.  Interviewees included Peter Riering-Czekalla of IDEO, Klaus Rosburg of Sonic, Inc., Daniel Richardson of Greaves Best Design among other top professionals.


The conversations delved into the workaday issues with rendering software, how the technology helps the designers engage with clients, and recent project examples where KeyShot performed.

The recorded phone interviews where submitted to Obleo for transcription and analysis. CCD staff reviewed and corrected the hard copies.  From this wide net of customer interviews, Luxion gained some direct product feedback and its press agency Obleo Design Media was able to develop eight articles for the trade press highlighting KeyShot’s impact on the profession.  A few story examples can be found here.

While we can’t share all of the key Keyshot insights that we gathered over the 3-month project, we can say that we enjoyed some compelling conversations that led to great marketing material as well as product improvement feedback for several versions down the line.