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We offer services that range from product design to brand strategy. We can also act as a partner, vendor, liaison, and project manager to fit best within your project and budget. Below you will find a breakdown of our services as well as our process.

Industrial Design

Consumer & Industrial Applications
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Sporting Goods
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Environmental Design

Space audits
Retail planning
Exhibit design
Experiential space design

Reference Design

Concept Art
Product Futurism
Future Transportation
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Creative Direction

Departmental Alignment
Style Frames



Day-rated Design Consults
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Speaking engagements

Visualization Services

3D Modeling
Concept Design



By committing to the central idea of a project throughout the process, you can make quick work of almost any design problem. Once a design is out the door it should maintain an alignment with the initial idea of the project, thus answering the initial problem statement. We segment this design process into four steps: Research, Conceive, Develop, and Prototype.

When researching the project, we dip our toe completely jump into the depths and get ourselves familiar with every aspect of the problem.

We start by identifying the problem statement with you and hone in on the root cause of the problem. At CCD, we believe in the idea that sometimes a system change can be a solution to a problem versus a tangible solution. With enough thoughtful engagement of the problem, you can often solve a design problem through a system change rather than a tangible one.  You don’t always need to design products to circumvent a problem versus dealing with it head on. 

Make every design decision intentional.

We then take what we’ve learned from the first phase and use it to directly inform our point of view. From working with mood and material boards to developing hundreds of rough drawings, we take the gloves off and dig into the insights that we gather from the research phase.

Every mark we make on the page adds value.

After we conceive an optimal solution, we then work to create compelling renderings that further illustrate the concepts. At the same time, we work to deliver an informed 3D model that can be used for renderings and prototypes to further assure the chosen solution is the right one.

When and if it is time to prototype, we will make sure you are on budget by assessing what type of prototypes you need every step of the way.

We are at your side.


Con Cor Design offers award-winning solutions through project analysis, design development, and project management. We overcome design and system challenges for companies and individuals. We will excel your brand with intelligent solutions and engaging design. We don’t design your product; we design your solution and get amazing results. Reach out to us today to begin creating amazing, meaningful things together.

Let’s begin creating together.

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