WeMake Celebrates

Con Cor Design sponsored the WeMake Celebrates party as part of the wrap up of Design Week Portland 2013. CCD facilitated the projectors, gobos, and space planning and spent well over two weeks surveying and modeling the event space.  We worked closely with the WeMake team to visualize the final event. The celebration took place at Sandbox Studio in NE Portland.

SandBox Space

Entrance Render BirdHouseHouse


Image courtesy of @Kirspati  on Instagram.


CCD has also been intermittently helping the team at MC Laser Labs with various projects, like laying out lines for their awesome bird house for the WeMake party:



It was great to have spent our donation budget with such brilliant collaborators and contribute to such a spectacular and successful event.

WeMake founder Yvonne Emerson said, “we are thrilled to report the organization raised $11,0000 to support arts and music education.”

Cover photo by Ethan Allen Smith

Proxy People by Manifesto

Brand actualizers Manifesto approached idea-to-reality logisticians at Con Cor Design to facilitate a new social networking game for kids called Proxy.  CCD aided on partial design needs and the eventual prototyping of the game’s figures.

Rather than an internet network, Proxy relies on the wireless technology NFC (Near Field Communication), the same tech that allows two cell phones to exchange data within a short range of each other.  Instead of kids getting on the wide open web, they can interact with a closed network of their friends.  On the software accompanying aids a character-modeled USB drive, players collect points for social responsible actions and can “give back” to the community via school supplies, shoes, and village wells.

For Proxy devices, this meant that the shells had to take into account certain parameters. CCD designed within these constraints and the form of initial model designed by character designer Steve Talkowski.


Proxy-0 Proxy-1 Proxy-2


Luxion KeyShot 2 Consumer Insight

Followers of the CCD blog might note how our team often steps outside our normal wheelhouse of services for enticing opportunities to do something different.  This time, our designers tried our hand at some business journalism.

Long-time partners Obleo Design Media (an amazing design and engineering public relations firm) and Luxion (developer of the amazing KeyShot rendering software) reached out to Con Cor Design for assistance. The objective was to conduct a deep dive research session into the customer base of Luxion to mine information about customer satisfaction, requests, usage, and work history.  Obleo would follow-up by choosing the best user candidates as subjects for Luxion case studies and industry articles.

CCD designers who were already fluent in the rendering application were tasked with interviewing KeyShot users at 20 established industrial design agencies.  Interviewees included Peter Riering-Czekalla of IDEO, Klaus Rosburg of Sonic, Inc., Daniel Richardson of Greaves Best Design among other top professionals.


The conversations delved into the workaday issues with rendering software, how the technology helps the designers engage with clients, and recent project examples where KeyShot performed.

The recorded phone interviews where submitted to Obleo for transcription and analysis. CCD staff reviewed and corrected the hard copies.  From this wide net of customer interviews, Luxion gained some direct product feedback and its press agency Obleo Design Media was able to develop eight articles for the trade press highlighting KeyShot’s impact on the profession.  A few story examples can be found here.

While we can’t share all of the key Keyshot insights that we gathered over the 3-month project, we can say that we enjoyed some compelling conversations that led to great marketing material as well as product improvement feedback for several versions down the line.


Verizon at 2012 International CES

Verizon’s 4G LTE mobile technology is fast, so fast that the infrastructure at industry shows often are inadequate to demonstrate it.

This problem made 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show the perfect landscape for experience design agency Downstream and idea-to-reality accelerator Con Cor Design to help Verizon leap hurdles in showcase design.  The objective was to wire the wireless phones on display with a closed loop cellular network which would give participant a simulation of the network speed.  The challenge was to make this wire inconspicuous by embedding it inside the retractable security tether.




When Downstream first approached CCD, the initial concept called for a simple tethering system for the cables.  CCD identified the need for a more robust design.

Con Cor Design corresponded weekly with Verizon’s internal engineers on ensure the coupling design for the demonstration device aligned with the closed cellular loop.  The CCD team then created several options compatible with the wide range of device form factors.

CCD refined the five of clients’ favored concepts to further explore form, fit and finish.  As there were several collaborators involved with the CES project, CCD made efforts to ensure the riser designs were well integrated into existing architecture at the show space.

Verizon chose to have two out the five of the concepts prototyped. Con Cor Design managed the fabrication of the parts with its local vendor FAB PDX. Verizon loved the prototypes so much that they asked that CCD redesign the product mounting puck to accommodate additional products and increased the FAB PDX manufacture order from 4 to 110.

The modified puck system reduced the complexity of the puck from five parts down to just two, lowering production costs.  In a last-minute addition, CCD collaborated with Downstream and FAB to create a riser that would house an interactive tablet.


Verizon installed the finished deliverables days before the 2012 International CES opening day.  Nearly 153,000 people had the chance to come up and try out the new 4G network enabled phones, including Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam, who gave the one of the riser pods a whirl during a product demonstration.