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We create with great companies.

"[The] sculptures look so good! Life saver!...You rule!"

Leticia BarajasNike

"Wow!!! Just WOW!...Everyone is super pleased here from AMD. You made me look like a hero!"

Sven MeseckeAMD

"You just saved me a lot of time and headache."

Chad KnightVans Shoes

"...hit of the show. No one else even came close."

Rodney TiptonPower Automation Systems

"...very proud of what we have achieved. We have established budgets, schedules, work flow and communication processes and along the way established a kick ass design that amplifies the SIG brand at their international events."

John MagnessPinnacle + Sig Sauer

"Working with CCD has been extremely educational and comforting."

Becca MorosFootyboard

I deeply appreciate the collaboration, the commitment of your weekend hours, and this team’s calm demeanor throughout! Much gratitude and respect."

Giles Rickett

"So awesome! I feel like you could take every idea I have and lay a golden egg."

Ben GrimmBen Grimm Designs

Con Cor is Latin for “with heart”.

We take on projects that produce meaningful outcomes for our clients and customers. We love what we do.


Con Cor is also short for “concept core”.

We believe that maintaining the big idea is critical to intentionally developing and producing a great design.


Whether it’s the emotion your brand speaks, the product in your customers’ hands, or the space they experience, Con Cor Design has you covered.